1. You've decided to sell your home

 As an experienced Home Life Superstars Sales Representative, I know that selling a home can be a confusing and complicated process. Chances are, you have a lot of questions.
Questions like, "Should I sell it myself or use a Real Estate agent?", "How do I price my home?" and "What are the costs to me when I sell my home?". This guide will answer your questions and help you through the process from the day you decide to sell to the day the sale of your home is finalized.


This is dedicated to those of you who may be considering listing your home.  Some of the Sellers are just toying with the idea of selling and, some may have already interviewed a few agents.  I hope you will spend some time to read and do a little “comparison shopping”.  I am certain that the marketing plan that I have is one of the most comprehensive in the area.

Marketing your home requires much more than placing an ad in the newspaper.  A marketing plan should be designed with a broad range of goals and marketing strategies that will all lead to a quick sale at a fair price.  A good marketing plan will use everything to get your home in front of the home buying public.

Selling a house is in many respects the same as selling other products.  The simple fact is that selling your home is about supply and demand.  My marketing plan generates demand! You have one home to sell and the best way to get a fair price is to expose it to as many buyers as possible.  If you have any question or would like a free market analysis please call me direct at 416-553-2900 or e-mail me at: dp.dhaliwal@yahoo.ca





Marketing your home requires much more than an ad in the news paper.  A good marketing plan should use everything to get your home in front of the home buying public.  From open houses to the Internet I can provide a marketing plan that is innovative, broad ranging, and designed to sell your home quickly and for fair price.


Homelife superstars has 3 locations to serve you.  With multi-million dollar advertising budget, innovative marketing strategies, and ability to generate the kind of interest in your home that it deserves, Homelife is the company of choice for all of your real estate needs!


Our offices are staffed by licensed Realtors.  Each Homelife Superstars sales representative is highly trained and has support system in place that includes an office manager, assistant managers and full time administrative assistants.  When a caller inquires about your home, that call is handled by a licensed Realtor that can help that potential buyer through the process.  From arranging financing to actually showing your property your home will have all of the assets of our office behind you!


Because of our unique office locations, there are a number of multiple listing services available.  Your home with me it will appear in MLS.  What that means to you is that those home buyers that are seeking to relocate form other areas will know your home is on the market.  By being a Toronto Real Estate Board member I can place your home in front of thousands of sales representatives virtually over night.  Each of those representatives will have pre-approved buyers that will know your home is for sale! 


As people have become more computer literate a new concept in house hunting has begun to take shape.  In the past piling the kids into the car and driving neighborhoods in search of new family home was common place.  That idea is being replaced with the dawn of the information super highway.  Today’s “drive by” is taking place on the families home computer.   each home I list will be placed on number of web sites.

www.condoandhomes.ca & another my personal site is www.newcondoinvestment.com site most people choose when searching for homes on the Internet.   has the enviable distinction of being in the top web site with thousands hits per day.  I have the ability to add special features to my listings, like I can add additional pictures.  The site also contains points of contact by e-mail, office phone and call phone for potential buyers to schedule an appointment.  I can even put a notice up that we are having an open house!  On my sites you will find helpful information on buying and selling, all of my current listing boldly displayed (shouldn’t yours be there?), links to other sites.Like Kizzi,Nowtoronto,Etc.


I have a program marketing individual homes on local cable t.v. stations.  When you watch your local TV. stations, my ad is designed to put your home in front of the home buying public on the popular cable network.


As I said before Sutton Group spends more money on advertising that any other real estate company.  The next time you see one of our ads it’s important that you look more than just the home displayed.  Look at the location of the ad (center fold, front cover and back cover are common).  Look at the size of our ads (much larger than most).  Look at the color (more of our ads are in color).  Not everyone reads every publication so to market your home it’s must have the widest possible dissemination; those that don’t pick up the Real Estate Magazine may read the classifieds in the news papers.  When you list your home with me your home will be advertised on a rotating basis in:

Brampton Guardian

Mississauga News



Community News Papers

Real Estate Magazines

 The Real Estate Magazines are free to the consumer magazine of homes available in our area.  Your home will have a photo ad to publish in a magazine. The first ad that will be placed for your home will be a “JUST LISTED” ad in the news paper.  In addition to the just listed ad, to announce a scheduled open house! 


An office tour is a great way top promote your home.  An agent tour is like an open house for agents only.  The tour allows the agents within our office to view your home.  When the agents view your home it allows them to talk about your home with confidence when they show or get calls about your home.  It also allows the agents to give us advice on price, condition, improvements, and marketing ideas.  Because an agent tour has numerous agents of different experience levels and backgrounds we can expect a wide range of ideas based on personal experience!



A virtual tour is a tour of your home as seen by a video camera.  A professional photographer will film the main living areas as well as the exterior of your home.  That film is then converted to a digital file that can be accessed on the Internet.  A virtual tour is intended to give a potential buyer the opportunity to view your home from their own computer at work or home!


An open house will be held on regularly to attract buyers.  The most important thing about an open house is an ad in the area.  I will also put up an open house rider a few days earlier.  Your only responsibility is to have your home ready to show.  Its best if the sellers are not in the home at the time.  This allows potential buyers more freedom to ask questions and look in closets.  The open house will last 2 or more hours.  During that time we will have a few as 4 or 5 and as many as 25 to 30 potential buyers through your home.  That’s very productive for a two or more hours period!


There are five major factors that affect the value of your home in today’s market.

  1. Location - Location is the single most import factor.
  2. Price - A fair asking price can be determined by a market analysis of your home.
  3. Quality - The condition of the property can affect the price of your home.
  4. Timing - Market conditions will determine the time your home is on the market.
  5. Competition - a perspective buyer will take the first four into account and compare them to the other homes currently on the market when viewing your home!


When attracting a buyer to your home some things are within your control and other are not.  A survey of buyers has shown that the most important thing they look for in selecting a new home are location, price, and availability are also important to some degree.


Location - Most people will begin house hunting with a general area in mind.  Some will base it on affordability, city services, school district, and proximity to family or one of a dozen other reasons.  While there is little you can do to improve your entire neighbor-hood there are a few step you can take.  First drive down your street like it’s the first time you have been in the subdivision and take note of the things around you that may affect our ability to get a good price for your home.  Making common sense changes are easier than you think.  Asking the elderly woman two doors down if it would be ok if you cut her grass, asking your neighbor to keep the barking dog inside during showings are a few ideas.



          APPRAISER                  LENDER                           BUYER                       YOU / REALTOR                   YOUR TAX ASSESSOR 

The fair market value of your home is not determined by the Realtor, the lender, the appraiser or even by you the seller.  The simple truth is your home is worth only what a buyer is willing to pay.  Selling your home for a fair price is like selling any other item of value. Its simply supply and demand.  The supply is your one home, and the demand comes from the buyers that are available to view your home.  With my aggressive marketing plan I can bring more buyers into your home!  When it comes to price a market analysis is the best way to determine the asking price.  A market analysis takes in account the general housing market, the homes currently on the market, the homes that have recently sold and the condition of your home to all of the other homes in the area.  If your home is priced right it should sell with in 30 days.  There are only two reasons a home doesn’t sell and that, under marketing or over pricing.  I will aggressively market your home.  Your home will be the most desirable for the first 30 days on the market.


The listing agreement is the contract that binds a seller to the seller’s agent.  The contract contains some very important items including the asking price, brokerage fees, listing period, showing instructions, permission and much more!  I recommend you to read listing agreement thoroughly and ask questions.


There are a wide variety of mortgages available to buyers. The most common loan types are below; however there are dozens of variations on these financing options:

Conventional Financing – A conventional loan will require the buyer to put down at least 5%. The more down, the better.  A buyer that can put 20% down will not have to pay CHMC (Canadian Housing Mortgage Corporation).

CHMC            Financing – An CHMC guaranteed loan is a federal government program that allows buyer to purchase a home with little as 5%-10% down.  The loan is guaranteed by the Insurance Company.  This is an excellent program for first time buyers or buyers with little money to use a down payment.


As the market begins to tighten and buyers become scarce the services that I offer become important

When your home is competing against other homes for an increasingly smaller number of buyers a good marketing plan is the most important consideration.  My marketing plan assures your home the exposure it needs to sell quickly and for a fair price.

Some agents are reducing the services they offer for a reduced brokerage fee.  I am 100% certain that this exactly the opposite of what you should be doing during a slowing market.  The simple fact is that the home buying market is no different that any other market, simple supply and demand.  An agent that offers reduced services to “save you money” may actually cost you in the long run.  Consider this.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith decide its time to make to a move.  They own a home in a neighbourhood that is popular and most homes are alike.  The Smiths call a number of different agents and decide to see which agent will reduce their brokerage fee.  The seller feels that a reduced fee will put more money in their pocket at closing.  The fee has been reduced by an entire percent ($1500 on a $150,000 home). The agent explains to the seller that the reduced fee means reduced services, less advertising, less Internet exposure, no open houses and so on.  Finally on May 1st the house 101 Queen St. is for sale for a reduced brokerage fee.

Just Across the street the Jones’s are also getting ready to move.  Their home 215 Queen St. is similar in every respect.  The Jones’s call a number of different agents and finally they agree to make a leap of faith and pay a slightly larger brokers fee, they know that because of the slightly higher fee they will get more exposure, more advertising and better service.

On the morning of May 2nd the agents come into work and check the MLS for those homes listed over the past day.  As the agents review the listing they notice that two identical homes have just come on the market.  The agent checks the current list of buyers for that area and finds that he has two potential buyers.  After careful review of the agent only listing ticket he sees that one home seller is paying a higher brokerage fee.  The agent gets on the phone to his buyers and says “Two new homes have just been listed that you may be interested in, ONE LOOKS VERY PROMISING LETS SEE THAT ONE THIS WEEKEND AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT WE CAN CHECK OUT THE OTHER ONE NEXT WEEKEND!

While this is happening and buyers are coming and going with agents something else is happening.  Every few days Mrs. Jones receives a call from her listing agent telling her that home is now available on a different Internet site, newspaper or in a home magazine and so on.  The phones at the listing office are ringing with people inquiring about the home.  The agents tell all of the callers that there will be two open houses this month, private tours are available, they can visit the home on a number of Internet sites, they can see the house on cable TV.  After a week or so the seller’s agent holds an open house and dozen people tour the home; meanwhile the house that was listed for a reduced fee sits cold and lonely.  After a few weeks the seller that make a leap of faith have received an offer that is acceptable and begins the closing process.  The Smiths who have paid a reduced commission has been told by the agent to “consider” a $5000 price reduction.  When all is said and done the seller that thought they were saving $1500 actually got $3500 less and it took twice the time!

In today’s market your home is competing against many other houses for sale.  The agent that you choose to market your home will directly impact the sale price and the time on the market.  The more aggressive the marketing plan the more people know that your home is for sale and thus the more likely your home will sell quickly and for a fair price.


After your home is listed it will be entered into MLS, and other web sites.  At that time each agent will know that your home is available for showings. An agent will contact our office to schedule an appointment.  The most productive way to set appointment is to allow Realtors as much access as possible.  The appointment setter from my office will call you each time an agent wishes to show your home.  After you give your confirmation that a showing may take place we will call the showing agent back to let them know that they are confirmed to show your home.  It is always best to be away from home during the showing.  While many sellers think they can help sell the listing because they know all of the good things about the home they are selling, what they don’t’ know is the buyers taste and requirements.  The buyer’s agent knows what the buyer wants and can point out the positives of your home that are the most important to the buyer!


Feed back is very important to us.  When an agent gives us feedback it’s not a slap in the face.  What it does do is allow us to correct any problems before the showing. If a buyer or buyer’s agent notices that the house seems dark and gives us that feed back we know we need to open the blinds or leave some lights on.  If pet odors assault them when they walk in the door a good cleaning and some air freshener will help!


When a perspective purchaser decides to tender an offer the buyer’s agent will request a time to meet with us.  It is common for the agent to present the offer directly to you.  I will be with you and we can ask as many questions to the buyer’s agent as we need to understand the entire offer.  Often times the offer is much more complex than just a dollar amount.  Financing questions, occupancy, quality of the buyer, terms and more must be considered.  After the agent presents the offer they will leave the room to allow us to talk.  If we are close we may present a counter offer on the spot to the buyer’s agent.


A purchase agreement is the legal document that binds the buyers and sellers involved in a real estate transaction.  The standard purchase agreement will have the terms, price, occupancy, and any other agreed to items in writing.  Certain contingencies, addendum's or amendments will also be part of the purchase agreement.  Purchase agreements should be written in a manner that is as clear and as concise as possible.


During the mortgage process there are certain stepping stones.  The first step a seller should take is getting pre-qualified.  A pre-qualification means that a potential buyer has spoken to a mortgage company and provide certain fact that is true would qualify them for a mortgage amount.  During the pre-qualification process no credit check, employment verification, funding verification, or other financial review has taken place.

The next step is a pre-approval.  A person who is pre-approved had provided the mortgage company with all the detail that are needed to make a decision.  The credit check is completed, employment verified and so on.  At a minimum your buyer should be pre-approved.  When a buyer makes an offer they should provide us with a copy of a letter saying just that.  It is then my responsibility to contact the mortgage representative for verification.  Some of the questions we need to ask are.

What amount is the buyer qualified for?

Are there any conditions that need to be cleared?

Has credit check been completed?


What exactly is “Title and Closing Work”?  When someone refers to this they are talking about the documents preparation required to transfer your home to the buyer.  Mortgage Company requires a title search be completed to show that you own the property you’re selling, and that there are no other liens that may affect the new buyer.  One of the responsibilities that title search has is proving title insurance.  The insurance cost is based on the sale price of the home.

Some of the other things that a closing lawyer is in charge of dispersing funds, preparing closing documents, and conducting the actual closing of the property.  The closing will take place in lawyer’s office.  During the closing lawyer will prepare and have all of the documents signed and witnessed.  The closing lawyer will also ensure that the purchasers new mortgage documents are signed and that the funds are available.  The most important thing that the lawyer is responsible for is to provide you with a cheque at the end of the closing!


The period of occupancy after the closing is normally addressed in the purchase agreement.  The time can run from immediate (turning over the keys at the closing table) to as long as a month or more.  During that time the seller will be moving.  Remember that after the closing the house is yours, so during the remaining occupancy the sellers will be paying you rent based on a fixed amount per day!

I thank you very much for reading thoroughly my marketing plan and look forward to meeting you to discuss in person



We only collect personal information necessary to effectively market and sell the property of sellers, to assess, locate and qualify properties for buyers and to otherwise provide professional services to clients and customers.  I/We do not sell, trade, transfer, rent or exchange your personal information with anyone.

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